Yeshiva MOOC: Arch of Titus – Rome and the Menorah

Notes for Arch of Titus: Rome and the Menorah by professor Steven Fine on Coursera/Yeshiva University.

Duration: 6 weeks

Zooms in on the arch as a work of art, its role in history and in our current time, which clearly shows the many different ways one can look at an artifact or historical monument.

  1. Why the Arch of Titus Matters
  2. The Arch of Titus as a Work of Art
  3. The Arch of Titus in History
  4. The Arch of Titus from Antiquity to the Modern Era
  5. The Arch of Titus in the Modern World
  6. The Arch of Titus: Restoring its Color






Plan de Rome > L’arc de Titus


Art History

Diane Kleiner, Open Yale course Roman Architecture, also on Coursera.

From Wikipedia, Arch of Titus article, honorific arc built by Domitian for his deceased older brother Titus to commemorate his victories. Served as a model for later triumphal arches.


The Roman Senate and People (dedicate this) to the divine Titus Vespasianus Augustus, son of the divine Vespasian. 




The Triumph of Titus by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Oil on canvas, 1885

Arch in Color

Arch of Titus project, Yeshiva University

New York Times, Technology Identifies Lost Color at Roman Forum (June 24, 2012)

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