Nº 25, Op. 79 – Sonatine

Coursera just launched a new set of lectures, part 3, for the course “Exploring Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas” by Jonathan Biss.

Below some notes and references for Sonata Op. 79 (link to Coursera).

…op. 79 is less ambitious than any sonata Beethoven had written for many years.
 It’s very short, but that’s the least of it: there’s no effort to unify the movements,
 to tell a big story or create a big arc, leading towards the end of the piece or otherwise.
 It is, very unusually, more like a series of character pieces, in particular, the last two movements: they paint their picture, and by the time they have done so, they are pretty much over.





Before there were MOOCs, András Schiff did a series of lecture-recitals of the Beethoven Piano Sonatas at Wigmore Hall (2004-6).

Andras Schiff: The Lectures Beethoven Sonatas Wigmore Hall from 2004–6

For a visual impression, all sonatas of Beethoven are available on YouTube in color-coded analysis using Adobe Audition.





Detailed analysis in the description.

See also


Artur Schnabel – 1935

Annie Fischer – 1977

Richard Goode – 1993

Daniel Barenboim, Berlin State Opera House, 2007
Barenboim on Beethoven Masterclass DVD

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